We use Cookies on the Carpe Diem Tours website.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on YOUR device. It has information in it that allows us to "remember" settings or other info as you visit pages on our website. We need Cookies because web pages are dumb and can't store any information.

In this document we'll explain why we set cookies, what information they contain and what you can do to adjust them.

You can adjust your Cookie Preferences anytime via the Cookie Banner at the top of this page, or if you have dismissed the banner, by clicking the Settings Button at the bottom of this page.

Cookies set by this website

Note: Cookies that are set by the website itself are known as "First Party" cookies. This section deals with First Party cookies.

Essential Cookies

Our website software sets a Session Cookie the moment you land on the site. The purpose of it is for login, language switching, or making menu choices. This session cookie cannot be turned off as the software we use makes no provision for us to do so. This cookie is deleted as soon as you close your browser. You'll recognise it as a 32 alpha-numeric name (eg 7bh89sj23ewt4e78iju95tbnj54de9ju).

Functional Cookies

We only use 1, named cdt_userprefs which persists for 1 year (unless you delete it). This cookie holds information about your cookie preferences on this site. This cookie is only set if you choose to:

  • Dismiss the Cookie Banner at the top of the page - eg by accepting Cookies, or
  • Adjust your preferences for other Cookies eg Google Analytics

You can also choose not to have this cookie set. If you do this, the Cookie Banner will remain in place and all Cookies will be "turned on".

Tracking Cookies

We use Google Analytics to learn about how visitors use our site so that we can make decisions to deliver relevant content. Please note that your IP address is anonymised, so that you cannot be identified. Google Analytics sets the following cookies on your device.

Name Expiry Purpose
_ga 2y Assigns a randomly generated number to identify each unique visitor throughout their visit on our site. Provides visitor, session and campaign data.
_gid 24h Used to Distinguish Users.
_gat 1m Used to throttle the request rate, limiting the collection of data on high traffic sites.

To learn more about Google analytics cookies, please visit https://policies.google.com/technologies/cookies.

To turn off/on tracking by Google Analytics, please click the Settings button at the bottom of this document.

Targetting Cookies

We do not use any Targetting Cookies.

Cookies Not Set By Us

Note: Cookies not set by the website itself are also known as "Third Party" cookies. This section deals with Third Party cookies.

We use the no-cookie version of Youtube, so no cookies are set if you watch a video.

Should you choose to click on the links we provide to our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages, you will be asked to login, and this will result in cookies being set. We don't control these cookies. To understand more, please refer to their policies:

Adjust Your Cookie Preferences

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